San Francisco Sheriff Deputies aide trapped pedestrian

On November 13th, 2014,  San Francisco Sheriff Deputies aide trapped and injured pedestrian on Potrero Avenue. Trees and branches came down in San Francisco Thursday morning, seriously injuring one pedestrian near San Francisco General Hospital.

The pedestrian was trapped under the ficus tree when it fell in the area of 23rd Street and Potrero Avenue at about 7:30 a.m. The victim was extricated and taken to the hospital with a head injury.

The tree also brought down Municipal Railway lines and fell on cars in the area.San Francisco Sheriff’s Department Patrol Unit deputies quickly responded to the scene, assisted the injured party, called for an ambulance, isolated and evacuated the scene, and with the assistance of units from Civil, Emergency Service Unit, and Station Transfers Unit were able to rapidly establish a perimeter extending from 21st to 24th and Potrero Avenue.

The San Francisco Sheriffs Department maintained law enforcement command of the incident perimeter throughout, coordinating with the San Francisco Police Department. San Francisco Fire Department arrived on scene and provided medical aide to the injured pedestrian. Traffic control was assumed by Department of Public Transportation.

San Francisco Deputy Sheriff resuscitates bicyclist who was struck by car

In March of 2015, a San Francisco Sheriff’s Deputy revived a bicyclist who was not breathing Monday after a car struck him in the Mission, another San Francisco Deputy Sheriff at the scene told the San Francisco Examiner.

San Francisco Deputy Sheriff I. Zaragoza said he and his partner arrived at the accident scene at 14th and Folsom streets about 12:30 PM to find a woman providing CPR for the injured bicyclist.

Though the bicyclist was wearing a helmet, Police Officer Grace Gatpandan said the man was taken to San Francisco General Hospital with severe head trauma and was in life-threatening condition. Zaragoza said he performed CPR on the man for seven to eight minutes before help arrived. “We’re trained to do chest compressions and that’s what I did,” said Zaragoza. “I just tried to give as much help as we can until other personnel had come up. Thank goodness that there was an off-duty firefighter paramedic that was also on scene.”

Zaragoza’s partner, San Francisco Deputy Sheriff C. Moore, described the bicyclist as 50 to 60 years old and bleeding heavily when first responders arrived. Oakland resident Noe Orozco said he witnessed the vehicle blow through a red light and strike the bicyclist as the bicyclist waited for the light to turn green.

Police could not confirm whether the driver of the white Honda Civic, who stayed at the scene, was at fault. No charges were announced Monday.

Reported by the Examiner, Michael Barba

San Francisco Deputy Sheriffs Rescue 3 People from a Burning Cab

In San Francisco in July of 2010,  two people died in Taxi Cab that crashed and burst into flames.  This happened just off of  280 N. on the Mariposas offramp in the Potrero Hill neighborhood.

The patients were rushed to the San Francisco General Hospital, two of three people passed away but it was the heroic efforts of three San Francisco Deputy Sheriffs that happen to be right behind that car.  The San Francisco Deputy Sheriffs played a huge role in saving all three people from burn deaths.

It all began about 11 am in the morning when smoke was pouring out the front of a Desoto Cab on a stretch of Interstate 280.  The driver pulled off the highway and then the brakes failed.  The cab slammed into a freeway abutment bursting into flames.

As luck would have it, three San Francisco Deputy Sheriffs were driving an empty San Francisco Sheriffs Bus right behind the cab.  They saw the collision and responded immediately to help. The San Francisco Deputy Sheriffs pulled the people out of the burning vehicle.

The Deputies acted quickly and pretty much saved their lives. San Francisco Deputies Z. Ralleta, R. Rood and C. Sheriff became the town heroes.