San Francisco Deputy Sheriffs Rescue 3 People from a Burning Cab

In San Francisco in July of 2010,  two people died in Taxi Cab that crashed and burst into flames.  This happened just off of  280 N. on the Mariposas offramp in the Potrero Hill neighborhood.

The patients were rushed to the San Francisco General Hospital, two of three people passed away but it was the heroic efforts of three San Francisco Deputy Sheriffs that happen to be right behind that car.  The San Francisco Deputy Sheriffs played a huge role in saving all three people from burn deaths.

It all began about 11 am in the morning when smoke was pouring out the front of a Desoto Cab on a stretch of Interstate 280.  The driver pulled off the highway and then the brakes failed.  The cab slammed into a freeway abutment bursting into flames.

As luck would have it, three San Francisco Deputy Sheriffs were driving an empty San Francisco Sheriffs Bus right behind the cab.  They saw the collision and responded immediately to help. The San Francisco Deputy Sheriffs pulled the people out of the burning vehicle.

The Deputies acted quickly and pretty much saved their lives. San Francisco Deputies Z. Ralleta, R. Rood and C. Sheriff became the town heroes.