In the Field

Deputy Sheriffs are on the streets of the City & County protecting San Francisco.

Helping the Public

We are always doing our best to help the public. On the streets, in city buildings or in the jails, we are here to help.

Encouraging the Right Decisions

The jails are like inner cities within themselves. We are here to make it safe.

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Our Heros

Not very often does the news media broadcast the good things we do. So we decided to tell you ourselves through our website.

On our website you will hear things you probably never have heard before. The Heroic Actions of our Deputy Sheriffs! From Saving Lives to our Fun Interactions with the public.

Brought to you by the San Francisco Deputy Sheriffs’ Association representing more than 720 deputies and senior deputies who serve and protect San Franciscans in the jails, the courts, city hall, and in specialized assignments throughout the City.

Photo by Bonita Vista photography
Photos by Bonita Vista photography

Next Steps…

We can use your help by donating to our non profit that is exclusively for San Francisco Deputy Sheriffs.